One Man Band illustration

The One Man Band of Design

Working as a freelance designer you soon find yourself becoming a one man band. You are the account executive, creative director, web developer and accountant. The benefit to you is that I’ve learned a lot of ways to get the job done. Instead of specializing in one instrument, I'm the whole band. As you will see in my Portfolio I have long history in print advertising and have designed multiple websites. With my websites I have added blogs (WordPress), shopping carts (magento, zencart, Onebigcommerce) and have built custom PHP programs for various needs. I’ve even dabbled in illustration, including ink work for Disney and Really Big Coloring Books (RBC). For RBC I have also drawn many books. As you can see I have a lot of experience with many different instruments. I have found that no one instrument fits all business’ needs and if you find you need someone who knows the best instrument to “toot your horn” for the right market drop me a note.